Our mission is to reduce contracts and make law accessible for everyone.




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Chief Empowerment Officer 

Inventor, Traveler, Attorney, Contracts Queen, Connector and Fashionista. Roma Khan is a problem solver dedicated to helping others. She is our Chief Empowerment Officer and the mastermind behind Zoey, her first baby.

If she is not innovating and empowering others, Roma is binge watching murder mysteries, decorating cakes, and throwing fabulous parties in her Superhero costumes.



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Chief Finance Officer


When it comes to data and numbers, Will Hashemi is our guy. His portfolio of expertise includes revenue modeling, financial projections, corporate tax strategies, data analysis… the list goes on.


When he’s not facilitating financial structures, Will is playing chess, being a devoted father and charming husband. He also loves running and cooking, but hasn’t found a way to do them at the same time. Not yet.



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Chief Customer Officer

Sara McCormick is a true customer relationship builder. She genuinely cares about customers and brings her years of private banking experience to the SMB space. She has created and optimized processes that propel customers to success.


When Sara isn’t bonding with clients, she is disturbing her friends with her knowledge of true crime or chasing one of her seven nieces and nephews. 



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VP of Operations

From running power plants to directing operations for small businesses, Tom Jaynes has covered it all. Tom brings Fortune 500 operations experience to B2B SaaS Startup.  As VP of Operations, Tom keeps us focused on delivering the best service for your business.

When Tom is not crossing off items from his to-do list, you can find him outside with his lovely children, triathlon training or sharing a good bottle of Pinot. Tom believes a bottle of wine is meant to be shared. We agree.




Our goal is to make your life easier. We focus on providing the most efficient and streamlined services so you can focus on what matters most.



We think everyone could use more happiness at home, at work and everywhere else.  Everything we do is aimed at creating more happiness, freedom and opportunity for you. 


We view our actions in a wider context. We pay attention to our community, as well as the wellbeing of our colleagues and clients. We’re all in this together.



Fortune favors the bold, and so do we. We approach the industry with a fresh and practical perspective, and are not afraid to provide innovative solutions that make a difference. 



We think there’s more than enough fine print in the world. So we’re transparent and honest with everything we do and take ownership of our actions.



Our purpose is to empower people with knowledge so they can improve their lives and achieve generational success. 


We are driven by our passion to simplify processes that have been complicated for centuries mainly to prevent individuals from taking control of their destiny. 


We build technology powered solutions so everyone can pursue their happiness, justice and freedom.


We believe a contract should be something to celebrate.  The start of your business, the sale of your product, the close of a deal -- all protected by contracts.



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