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Optimize your contracting process with Zoey. 


Contracts are essential to business growth and functions. From sales, to employment to procurement, all transactions are or at least should be documented by contracts.  Zoey delivers a focused solution to review, eSign, and manage contracts for small to midsize organizations with small or no in-house legal departments. With custom templates, approval workflows, storage, contract data, financial details, task manager and key performance indicators, your in-house counsels and/or controllers can review and sign contracts 60% faster than via emails.  

Zoey is customizable to add your corporate templates, approvers, signers and third party application integration.  Meet deadlines, impress stakeholders, and track payments, spend and vendors in one place at a reasonable fee. 


Vault - Repository

Organize your contracts safely and neatly in Zoey's vault with easy and secure access. 

Financial Details

Track financial details, payment history and accruals for vendors, partners and customers. 


Save time and money with Zoey's built in eSign solution to sign contracts securely.

Approval Workflow

Review and approve contracts efficiently and quickly with simple and customizable workflows.  

Powerful Search

Search contract text and automate reports for terminations, key T&Cs, and due diligence.


Manage counter-party relationships with contract and payment history in a centralized directory.

Task Manager

Stay on top of terminations, renewals, with approvals Gmail and Outlook integration.


Stakeholders can run a risk check on contracts before sending it for legal and financial approval. 

Analytics and Reports

Track your contracts and contract data to drive your negotiations and savings.

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Access our remote, on-demand contract review service by licensed attorneys for your legal department. Service, not staffing.



Zoey can be customized for real estate brokerages to empower their realtors and brokers.  Realtors can track their deals, run reports, eSign contracts and store all of their documents for each deal in one place. Contact us today for the best option for your brokerage.  

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Give more to your members for less.  Whether you are a trade association or a co-working space, your members have contracts to sign and store. With Zoey, your members can access custom templates and regulatory documents, run risk checks on contracts, eSign and store contracts in one place at low cost.  Build loyalty and increase membership by adding Zoey to your list of member benefits. Our pricing is fit for your budget.

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